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Schiphol Airport – Temporary Corridor

The pedestrian bridge known as the Temporary Corridor, was designed by AECOM London to be constructed with the method of Accelerated Bridge Construction. It connects the Pier-B terminal building to the newly constructed Pier-A building. 


The bridge had a width of 12.5 meters (~41 ft.) and total length of ~250 meters (~820 ft.). Main steel subcontractor was Bysteel. 


It consisted of 9 non-typical modules. Because of active aircraft and land traffic at apron, only the center module could be constructed at final location. The other 8 modules had to be assembled at another designated work area and hauled to final locations by Sarens, the transportation subcontractor, with all the façade glass units already mounted on the modules. This had to be completed in limited time. Because, the main contractor BNTAV-JV had work permits only at night time for the area. 


Up to the challenge, we, as MBY, performed the structural safety evaluation of the Temporary Corridor modules 1 to 8 all through the process of transportation and installation at airside. All of the modules have thus been safely transported and installed in place with no damage whatsoever.


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Steel Structure

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