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Schiphol Airport – A-Pier Steelworks

The newly constructed A-Pier building required numerous secondary steelworks after the installation of primary steel by Bysteel and also the production of concrete works. The conceptual engineering was previously done by AECOM London.


The secondary steelworks required were : Blast walls (1), Clip-in walls (2), bulkheads for Metal Stud (3) – JANSEN (4) – MAARS (5) walls,  Roof Technical Rooms (6), Buggy Lift Rooms (7), Stuff Core (8), Corrective Façade Load Bearing Anchors (9), load bearing framing for Soffits (10) and Facades (11) of Gatehouses 1 to 8 , Temporary Corridor (12) and also the existing Pier-B (13), framing systems for Mechanical Services at gatehouses (14) & AA axis (15), Washrooms (16), Merford Doors (17), Automatic One-Way Corridor (18), Pendant Drop of Surveillance Cameras (19),  Switchgear Supports (20), Cabinet supports in elevator shafts (21), Roller Shutters (22).


Having gained experience with  the building during Temporary Corridor evaluations, we, as MBY, performed the structural calculations and designed the secondary steel framings, getting approvals from AECOM for all jobs, also in coordination with all the other disciplines (Architectural, Mechanical and the other subcontractors). Most of these secondary steel was designed regarding the deviations at site and also the usage deflections.


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