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Marina Çeşme Project

In this project, the residential buildings to be constructed within the scope of the Marina Fountain Project were evaluated in terms of structural design and the existing mathematical models, calculation reports, architectural and static projects created for the post-tension calculations of these structures were examined.

Vertical carriers of the structures consist of shearwalls with high ductility level in normal floors and columns and shearwalls with high ductility level in the basement. Loads are transferred to vertical carriers by flat mat in normal storeys and two-way beam flooring in the basement. It is planned to apply post tensioning on cantilever beams in normal storeys.

As a result of the evaluation, it was seen that column, shearwall, floor and beam element dimensions were sufficient.

As a result of the analysis of post tensioning projects and mathematical models to be applied on cantilever slabs, it is determined that the project is in compliance with the rules specified in the regulations and has sufficient safety level. In these analyzes, long term effects due to material characteristics were also taken into consideration. Accordingly, the highest deflection values ​​were found to be within the limits of the regulation. It is observed that deflection values ​​are within the limits of regulation even if the distance between two tendons increases to 2.0 times by taking into consideration the errors that may occur during the application.

Vibration analyzes of cantilever slabs were made for permanent and moving loads within the scope of applicability limit. The results are acceptable for the buildings planned to be used as housing.

Structural Evaluation, 



Deflection checks


Nuhoglu Insaat


İzmir / Turkey





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