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Drinking Water Supply Project for North Cyprus



Underwater between Mersin Tasucu & Geçitköy 



North Cyprus


OSM, Kutay Insaat, Kalyon Insaat, Sigur Ros




Steel Structure

We have designed the anchorage structures for the pipe supports of this project, being the first of its kind, sitting on Mediterranean Sea bedrock. 


Running between the dam of Alaköprü on the Turkey start and the Geçitköy dam on the Cyprus end, with 80 kilometers in total length, pipeline was comprised of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes in diameters of 1600 millimeters. These pipes were designed to be hung on the anchorage structures over spans of 500 meters, in equilibrium at 280 meters under sea level.


The reason for facilitating this kind of support structures was because of the natural depth of sea in the project area. The seabed between Turkey and island of Cyprus goes at depths of 1500 meters. The conventional piping systems have difficulties to withstand the pressures of these magnitude. So, these suspended piping supports were designed and constructed.


The project is estimated to provide North Cyprus the needed water for drinking and agriculture, over a period of 50 years.


We are proud of contributing to this project with our engineering.

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